Monday, 10 November 2014

CompaniesInn E-Lawyering Services

Greetings from We are happy to introduce E-Lawyering Services, first time in India.

What is E-Lawyering?
CompaniesInn E-Lawyering Services help you to create online Legal Documents in Simple Steps.  With CompaniesInn online Legal Document Generation Application, a customer can create Legal Documents for Business and Personal requirements such as Agreements, Contracts, Company Notices, Minutes, Registers and Records and Compliance Documents various regulatory requirements. If required, the documents so generated can be vetted by Lawyers and Professionals on our panel through the integrated platform.

What Offer?
ü Legal Documents
o   Creation of Legal Agreements and Contracts under various categories
ü Company / LLP Documentation
o   Company and LLP Incorporation Documents
o   Company Minutes under Companies Act 2013
o   Maintenance of Statutory Registers under Companies Act 2013
o   Company and LLP procedural Compliance Documents
Best Regards
Team Companiesinn

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